Time gone is irreversible so is the business opportunity; hence, it has been said that the entropy of the business is increasing: that is, more and more options becomes unavailable for conversion into work. Because of this, the opportunity is said to be “running down.”; hence, it has been said that the entropy of the business options is increasing: that is, more and more avenues becomes unavailable for conversion into work. Because of this, the business is said to be “running down” and a lot of competition for the available little resource or options added to it cheap prices.

We provide the hope by providing supportive service to your business thru IT Infra Services, hosting, hosting which is we operate as a comprehensive IT consulting host server, Online Sales, Market Intelligent Gathering, Online Payment Gateway, Stock Management, SEO for your business to grow.

For businesses to act efficiently, availability of IT infrastructure is essential. An optimised infrastructure that can scale according to the need is apt to the growth of an enterprise business. The growth in these enterprises creates significant challenges for internal IT departments. They have to handle a mix of legacy systems and cloud-based solutions to help do business processes. Departments have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort to handle these efficiently, We can partner with you to keep up and upgrade your infrastructure without increasing overhead costs keeping overall operation cheaper than the competitors..

Online Sales Portal – For SME

Implementation of Online Sales Platform from IT Infratech

Holistic analysis of an organization, including IT alignment, technology, operations, governance and processes for implementation of Online Sales Platform.

End-state definition, including target portfolio, infrastructure, governance, Program Management Office, architecture, strategic sourcing and staffing models.

Cost-benefit analysis to evaluate value proposition.

Near-term and long-term implementation road maps, from current to desired future state.

Consultation provided for Online Sales Platform implementation

Basic on online Sales and Marketing Training.
Order Management.
Store Management.
Sales & Marketing.
integrate online payment gateway.
Email integration.

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I’m a Chennai, India based IT Consultant, Lectures and Technology Crazy creating awesome and effective solutions for companies of all sizes around the globe.

Starting my career with a background in marketing and later learning the Technical aspects of IT Industry and the process of entire IT environment and starting an e-commerce business the hard way, Arvind GK began IT Infrastructure Technology Solutions to serve and share the information he was learning as he was building his businesses.

After, 20 years of working for leading companies as IT Head and running the business.  (… Sunup Designs in USA,Astro Television in Malaysia, Sri Energy, Indovision in Indonesia, AskyB in US, Itech,The International Aerospace Manufacturing Pvt Ltd,Orchid Pharma, TVS Fastener,TVS Tyres, TVSi,Natesan syncrocone, Mittal Steels Ranipet,,Cognisant Tech, Southern Shipping corp,Novell, Anubhav foundation, NIIT, FridaySolutions, Danish Industrial confederation etc.)

I  did well with most of my ventures this is primary through the process of reverse engineering and writing about the complicated aspects of building, launching, and growing a business – inspiring, educating, and guiding hundreds of thousands of business around the world.

Shortly after leaving TVS Infotech in early 2013, I left the company to focus on my IT Consulting career full time.

I have the most comprehensive knowledge resources and most active communities of e-commerce entrepreneurs in the world.

Follow Arvind GK on Twitter, or connect with him through the contact email.